8 Simple Ways to Slow Aging from the Inside Out

Whether we care to admit or not, preserving youth is something most of us beyond the age of 25 are interested in. And, if you’ve seen what a lifetime of hard living looked like on your grandparents, you’ve probably considered doing things a little differently than they did. Yes, genetics do play a significant role in how well or poorly you age, but how those genes express themselves in the body is very much affected by your lifestyle. Positive lifestyle changes can make a huge difference, especially when it comes to the chronic diseases we fear most – heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, even cancer. If you want to increase your “healthspan” – the number of healthy years you can enjoy – step away from the Botox needle and towards these highly effective youth-preservers, to stay young on the inside, where it really counts: 

1) Focus on the edible youth-sustainers.

When you look at the behaviors that are either youth-sustaining or youth-draining, what you eat tops the list. The right foods truly are nature’s medicine.  Fresh, organic or farmer’s market produce and proteins are the way to go if you plan on feeling and looking well for as long as possible. They’ll top off your tank with antioxidants, polyphenols and hundreds of nutrients that do nothing but a world of good for your body. Think energy, vibrance, healthy skin, shiny hair, the works. A diet laced with Big Macs, bangers and beer won’t cut it. To eat healthy, organic foods more often without breaking the bank, here are my pro tips.

2) Nix the #1 youth-drainer.

What’s at the top of the youth-draining food chain? It’s sugar. Eliminate it along with honey and agave too. The sweet stuff is a slow, insidious, addictive killer that weakens the immune system and fuels the development of the dreaded “diseases of aging.” In effect, sugar rots you from the inside out, damaging cell membranes and creating deposits that sit like rust on your organs. Got wrinkles? That’s the sugar-born ‘rust’ making itself known on your largest organ, the skin. 

The easiest way to deal with the downsides of sugar? Ditch it – starting with the obvious sources like cereal, cookies, candy, soda, fruit juice. Craving something sweet? Then snack on a small portion of low-sugar berries and if you like, top them with little cinnamon and a small scoop of flax or chia seeds to help slow the absorption of sugar and minimize blood sugar spikes and crashes. Here are 8 tips to help you  radically cut back on sugar. 

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