Joseph P. Reiss, Chairperson, Environmental Advisory Board of Directors






Joseph P Reiss CIEC, CMI, NYSDOL Lic# MAO1528
Chief of Environmental Operations, Research & Field Assessments In collaboration with Environmental Health Diagnostics, LLC
11654 Plaza America Dr # 176
Reston, Va. 20190-4700

A highly enthusiastic and motivated individual that has dedicated his career path now as an Indoor Environmental Professional. Joe has an incredible appetite to bring awareness about how important it is to understand your indoor environment, and the role it plays with regards to your health.

Joe shares with us his proven environmental deep dive strategies along with developing and implementing many new systems and procedures to better help the average person to really understand their indoor environment and how to evaluate it with a few simple steps. After performing hundreds of environmental assessments and seeing how so many individuals are compromised within their homes, and workplaces, I could not just stand by anymore without doing more. With the valuable life experiences that I have gained over the years,  I have developed such a unique strategy to achieve the understanding on how to look for many abnormal conditions and how they play an important part to further understand the root cause of a compromised indoor environment. That backbone to the deep dive assessment is to understand your baseline conditions and the importance if a “Condition I Fingal Ecology” is present.

With developing and understanding building science standards and applying them to the infrastructure design, Joe can better pinpoint and find the root cause to just about any situation that is causing a water and moisture management issue. This is the underlining cause to most homes and buildings demise of where the indoor environment is compromised, and the fungal and bacterial ecology become of a great concern where potentially can collaborate to many medical concerns.

Through various sample strategies and computations of sampling techniques that are utilized in the indoor environment these issues then are detected, validated with accuracy providing the information for a proper protocol to be established and eventually executed to restore these areas to a Condition I Fungal / Bacterial Ecology.