12 Tips for a Healthier Kitchen

Using the correct food storage and cookware is essential to keeping a healthy kitchen. In this list, you will find ten easy tips to keep your kitchen healthy, including what types of pots and pans to use, recommended oils for cooking, and how to clean your oven.

  1. Use stainless steel, glass, ceramic, or cast iron pots and pans instead of Teflon®, other nonstick cookware, or anodized aluminum without a coating.
  2. Make popcorn in an air popper or use a pot on the stovetop. Microwaveable popcorn bags (as well as pizza boxes and other food boxes) may be lined with non-stick chemicals such as PFASs.
  3. Replace Teflon® (and similar) coated ironing board covers with safer materials, such as cotton or towels.

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