Often-Overlooked Common Sense Healthy Habits for Women

National Women’s Health Week starts each year on Mother’s Day. This health observance encourages women and girls to make their health a priority. This year’s theme is dedicated to empowering women to take charge of their health journeys and shining a light on health issues unique to women.

Taking care of yourself includes caring for your physical, mental, social, and emotional health. There’s a lot that you can do – from practicing healthy habits to making and keeping all health care appointments. Practice healthy behaviors to get the care you need.

Talk with Your Health Providers

Regular check-ups are important. Talk to a healthcare provider:

  • To find out about screenings and examsyou may need and when they should occur. You can also explore the covered preventive services for women and other services available for women at no cost.
  • If you are pregnant or within the year after delivery, seek immediate care from a healthcare provider if you are experiencing urgent maternal warning signs.
  • If anything doesn’t feel right or is concerning. Make an appointment or contact your doctor or nurse by phone or e-mail. Write down any questions or issues you may have and take them to your appointment.

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