America's Favorite Nanny Helps San Diego Woman Magazine Celebrate Our 10th Anniversary!

Yes, it makes me feel old too when I realize that it has been 10 long years that we have been publishing San Diego Woman Magazine.  Whew!  Where did the time go?  The past years have been filled with many moments of excitement, and challenges, and some frustrations as well.  The important factor has been YOU, our readers who have hung in there with us through all of those moments.  So I just want to extend a great big THANK YOU. If not for the support and encouragement and kick in the butt at times, we would not be celebrating such a momentous occasion! Watch for our special 10th Anniversary issue.  We have increased our page count, and were honored to have Celebrity Nanny and Woman's Advocate, Fran Drescher, on our cover.  This issue highlights many of the amazing women who we are proud to call our 10th Anniversary Women of Distinction!

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