Detox Your Home with Fran Drescher

Let's Get Organized with Meryl Starr

Are you tired of hearing heart-wrenching stories of cancer winning the battle with life? Do you  feel there's no hope in defeating this powerful disease?

Well...YOU'RE WRONG...There might not be a cure right now, but the GOOD NEWS is...there are preventative tools to help stop cancer in it's tracks!

Are you ready to get organized and tackle the steps to protect you and your loved ones? Then, it's time to detox your home and change your daily habits, in order to live a healthier lifestyle.

If you answered YES,  to these questions...join the conversation this week and trash cancer!

FRAN DRESCHER, AKA THE NANNY, is her to discuss her inspirational cancer survivor story. Fran's iconic cancer battle led to the creation of her book, "Cancer Schmancer". Which later helped develop her two organizations, the Cancer Schmancer Movement and the Cancer Schmancer Foundation.

If you want to detox your life and learn preventative tools to help trash cancer, then please tune in for a FABULOUS show!

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