GARAGE - Fran Drescher Does Not Think the Ocean is Haunted, OK?

Courtesy of Garage Magazine

The beloved actress and style icon answers the GARAGE Questionnaire.

Welcome to the GARAGE Questionnaire—a set of questions for our times, with inquiries that range from delicate to unhinged—all the better to peer into the multifaceted minds of our creative heroes.

Fran Drescher hardly needs an introduction, but here we go. The New York native made an indelible mark on pop culture—and also our hearts when she played the role of Fran Fine, a.k.a. the Nanny on the hit sitcom... The Nanny. The show was a hit, but after it went off the air Drescher became even more iconic as a new generation discovered her fashion sense and turned her into an icon. With devoted Instagram accounts—one for her on-screen outfits, one that imagines her outfits as works of art—it was only a matter of time before she was back on our televisions (or should we say streaming devices?), playing a very cool boomer mother that moves in with her millennial kids in the NBC comedy Indebted. As if that wasn't enough, she recently announced that she will be taking The Nanny to Broadway as a musical. Nothing has ever been more perfect surely. In the meantime, she answered our questionnaire with her signature honesty and wit. What more could we ask for?

Andy Warhol is coming for dinner. Who else do you invite?
Peter Jacobson, Elaine Rich, Todd Bishop of MOMA, and Louis-Philippe Van Eeckhoutte—the creator of the Nanny Art Instagram account.

Favorite iconic red carpet moment (could be your own)?
Golden Globes, when I wore a real floral bouquet.

Final meal: who, what, where...and when?
My home with Peter, my parents, and my dog, eating pasta al fresco.

What is the last time you were moved by a work of art (any kind of art) and what was it?
I have an Ed Ruscha painting in my bedroom that is an image of a sail boat with the words “Today, today, today” in the shape of a sail. Each morning when I open my eyes, I look at it and it inspires me to make the day worthwhile.

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