The Tale Of Two Angels: Fran Drescher and The Rescue Dog Who Rescued Her

Courtesy of Pet Lifestyles Magazine
Written by Melissa Clark

She springs up on your screen, and within seconds, her compassion, humor, allure, and yes, above all, talent radiates through your heart. There is hardly a corner of the globe that does not know her—and love her.

It is hard to believe that Fran Drescher has been in show business for over four decades; in fact, the screen appearance that started the buzz was in 1977’s Saturday Night Fever. And like fine wine, the celebrated Nanny Fine gets better with age. Life lessons have taught her to prevail against all the odds. Her humility keeps her grounded. The 2020 pandemic even had an upside for Drescher: the addition of a real-life Angel—a furry, four-legged one at that!

Surprisingly Drescher discovered her love for animals when she found the charm of teddy bear-looking Pomeranians irresistible. How did this romance start? With Chester, whom we all know from her hit show The Nanny. Then there was Esther, whom Drescher refers to as a “living saint.” Most recently, her beloved Samson sadly passed at less than seven years old. Losing Samson so suddenly was shocking to Drescher. The terrible anguish that followed was debilitating. Lamenting the loss of her sweet boy, Drescher lifted her arms to the heavens and pleaded with God to give her strength to overcome her pain. She asked Him to show her the way. Well, it appears He was listening. Out of nowhere, it seemed, she found the motivation to get up out of bed. What is the first thing she did? She turned her computer on and went to There she would discover her Angel.

AGWC Rockin’ Rescue in Woodland Hills, California had a German Shepherd/Husky mix up for adoption. Snowy, as the shelter dubbed this extraordinary dog, had been hit by a vehicle leaving the poor pup with a severed shoulder and a broken leg. At high risk of being put down due to her injuries, Snowy’s luck took a turn: AGWC saved her life. She earned her reprieve on the same day that Drescher realized that rescuing a dog would be her way of healing. The posting on caught her eye. Learning of this dog’s miraculous story of survival, she knew she had to meet her.

En route to the rescue, Drescher noticed posters promoting adoption, and even a stranger praising her for her goodness. All these signs pointed to bringing this dog home. She explains, “My friend and I stopped for coffee. The barista handed me my coffee saying, ‘It’s on me because you are good…’” At that moment, still struggling with grief, she sensed the universe was pointing her in a specific direction. It was as if Samson was telling her: It is time to let go. Be open. Find a new dog who needs your love.

When Drescher arrived at Rockin Rescue, she requested to meet the one-and-a-half-year-old Snowy. It was barely a heartbeat before they fell in love. Within moments of setting eyes on each other, Snowy knocked her to the floor and started kissing her face. Instantly they were “long lost pals.”

Fabienne Origer, manager of AGWC explains, “We appreciate the time Ms. Drescher spent here at the rescue to bond with Snowy. Her kindness, her generosity—she is amazing.” Even if the adopting pet parent is a celebrity, the shelter has a protocol to ensure their rescues are going to a safe environment. And Fran Drescher was no exception. Origer adds, “Ms. Drescher was so gracious to let us into her home. We couldn’t be more satisfied with this adoption which enabled us to release an animal to someone who will take such great care.”

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