“It’s time to get on board with me in making a difference for all of us and our health!”

– Fran Drescher

Starting a WE THE FUTURE Club - Instructions

No matter what age you are, where you live, what your ethnic background is, too many of us are getting cancer.  The future depends on us to fix the problem and create a healthier world for everyone!

By starting a WE THE FUTURE Club, you will play a vital role in educating your friends, family, and community on the importance of living healthily and early detection of cancer.  Clubs will teach women and families the earliest warning whispers of cancer, transform them from patients into medical consumers and help them better partners with their physicians so we can live long and healthy lives.

So what are ya waiting for? Let's get started!

1. Read the Tips on Starting a WE THE FUTURE Club and WE THE FUTURE Club Charter & Terms

2. Decide upon a WE THE FUTURE leader who will serve as the point person between your club and the Cancer Schmancer staff.

3. The leader should register your club, using the following form.

4. Once you register, you'll receive a WE THE FUTURE Club Packet. Download it, print it out and review it with your club.

5. Get to work! and HAVE FUN!!!

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