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Justin Klosky - How I Turned Pain Into Purpose

Written by Justin Klosky

Growing up with a secret isn't always easy especially when the secret is life altering. At a very young age I was put in a situation, which at the time, I was unable to understand, process, or deal with. I was sexually abused. Not knowing how to handle the trauma that followed, I found myself organizing, cleaning, as well as creating chaos in my life to balance it out. I developed a serious sex addiction and later on in my years, found myself researching what obsessive compulsive disorder meant (OCD).


We The Future: My Healthy Eating Program

Written by Emily Dolgin

We all have those days where we binge on everything in our pantry, fridge, freezer…you got the idea. I know that when I come home from school, I tend to gravitate towards those mint Milano’s rather than taking the effort to cut-up carrots and celery. However, our eating habits as teenagers are what will determine our health as adults. Making healthy choices now is vital if we want to continue living a healthy lifestyle.


This Halloween season think “Trick NOT Treat”

Written by Yvonne Bishop

It's Halloween and loads of candy will be making its way to young members of your family, including you.  I think it's time to take a health stand and say, "we can do better!"  With a little creativity and time you can avoid so many of the toxic additives and anti-nutrient foods that are driving inflammation causing the New Millennium diseases we are plagued with today.

When I talk about eating sugar, it’s not taking it from the sugar bowl; it’s in everything you are eating.



Written by Dr. Nalini Chilkov

Be prepared for flu season. Protect yourself and your children from cold and  flu viruses.  Mobilize your immunity and improve both resistance to and response to infections this season.  Here are foods, nutritional and herbal supplements and basic self care tips that can make a huge difference.


Chinese Herbs Protect Cancer Patients at Risk for Bone Loss

Written by Dr. Nalini Chilkov

Cancer Patients Are At High Risk For Bone Loss.  Chinese Herbs have been used historically and studied in modern times as a source of bone nourishing  plant substances that can support healthy bones in patients at risk for loss of bone mass and debilitating painful fractures.

Here are some Traditional Chinese Herbs that have a long history of use for promoting normal healthy bone:


Chemotherapy Fatigue | Relief with Ashwaganda

Written by Dr. Nalini Chilkov

All patients receiving chemotherapy suffer toxic side effects.  The most common complaint is chemotherapy related fatigue.  A recent study found that that Stage 2 and Stage 3 breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy reported less fatigue and improved quality of life when the herbal medicine Ashwaganda was used during the course of their treatment.  The breast cancer patients participating in the study received 2000mg of Ashwaganda three times a day. This is an example of the marriage of modern science and ancient healing wisdom.


7 Reasons To Eat Cranberries | Cancer Fighting Superfood

Written by Dr. Nalini Chilkov

Cranberries are one of the great Superfoods rich in plant antoxidants and cancer fighting phytochemicals called proanthocyanadins (PACs).

Here are Seven Reasons To Eat Cranberries This Season and All Year Long


Read Ingredient Labels

Written by Tichina Arnold

Hello Bloggers,

My name is Tichina Arnold and on March 16, 2004, God blessed me with the most beautiful baby girl (Alijah Kai). She was perfect and as I sat gazing at her in the hospital, I wondered what had I gotten myself into.

An innocent little human being was solely dependent on me! I took all the CPR and breastfeeding classes and learned quite a bit.


Healthy Lifestyle = Healthy Body: REALLY?

In a word YES! Listen I'm a CANCER survivor so I got a clue about all this stuff. Now 13 years well, I feel like I got famous, I got cancer and I LIVED to tawk about it. So I'm talking.

FYI, it took me two years and eight doctors to get a proper diagnosis of uterine cancer. I got in the stirrups more times than Roy Rogers!

You may be wondering:

How? Why? Are you serious?