September is Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month!


September is Gynecologic Cancer Awareness month and as I just celebrated my 11th year of wellness from uterine cancer, this month is especially important as Cancer Schmancer continues its work toward saving lives through prevention and early detection. I’m forever grateful that I am able to share my story and help women like me; who are too scared or too intimidated to take charge of their health.

Not many people are talking about gynecologic cancers, so ladies, let’s start talking! This is OUR month! Learn about gynecologic cancers and the early warning whispers here:

Let prevention play an active role in a healthy life, to not only prevent cancer but a variety of other diseases. Eat well, get moving, stop smoking, get your family history, and be diligent with your check-ups. If you don’t feel like your usual self, (and you KNOW when there is something wrong) make an appointment right away to see your doctor. Listen to the warning whispers and take control of your body!

Let’s work together toward a day where no woman has to lose their life due to late-stage diagnosis of cancer.

Be well,