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STRESS:  Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It

Written by Marianne E. Morano, M.S., ACSM, CWC

STRESS; the word itself gives us grief.  We know that prolonged, unmanaged stress is harmful to our health, and as such, we can’t continually live with it.  Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to live life without some type of stress, and as such, we can’t live without it.

So what is stress, how does it affect our body, mind and spirit, and how do we manage it?  These are some of the questions we will be exploring in this article.

New Year's Resolution: Stop Focusing on Weight

Every New Year, the most popular resolution is to lose weight. And where does that lead? New gym memberships that go unused after January. Fad diets. Starving for three weeks then gaining all the weight back when you can’t stand it anymore and binge.

And what does that do? It makes you feel worse than you did before. And that just opens the door to beating yourself up, which starts a downward cycle.


Is Cancer a Chronic Illness, Not a Death Sentence?

Written by Dr. Nalini Chilkov

You Can Survive With Cancer as a Chronic Illness

Too often cancer is thought of as a death sentence; a terminal illness.

ìSurvivorsî may not be cancer free. Many people actually live long term with cancer as a chronic illness.

What does that mean? It means cancer may not be 100% eliminated. But it may be under control. Just as the way diabetes or high blood pressure are chronic illnesses that can be managed effectively while maintaining quality of life.


Cancer and Inflammation

Written by Dr. Nalini Chilkov

The relationship between cancer and inflammation is well established. There is a strong association between chronic, ongoing inflammation in the body and the occurrence of cancer. It is most obviously demonstrated with the increased chance (five to seven times higher than the general population) for people with chronic inflammatory diseases.


The Easiest Way to Boost Your Immunity for Free!

Written by Dr. Nalini Chilkov

Gratitude and Meaning.

I received this message from a patient who went through a very challenging and stressful course of treatment with chemotherapy and radiation. Here is what he had to say now that he is “cancer free” (no evidence of disease).

“There are no words to say THANK YOU to equal how I feel about all the great things you have done for me and my family. I have never experienced a more dedicated and loving professional than you.”


10 Tips to Boost Immunity

Written by Dr. Nalini Chilkov

Taking care of your immune system is the key to getting well and staying well.

Incorporate these simple elements into your daily life and you can truly create robust immunity and vitality.
Adequate, Restful Sleep

Get 7-9 hours of sleep every night. If you’re having trouble sleeping, talk to your health care provider about supplementing with Melatonin which also supports normal antioxidant function. A normal sleep cycle is linked to reduced rates of cancer.
Regular Exercise


The Benefits of Vulnerability

Written by Dr. Nalini Chilkov


I have been pondering some big words, like vulnerability and helplessness lately. 

For me, being a very independent person and mostly a loner, asking for help and vulnerability are all uncomfortably woven together.

I have spent a lot of time in Senegal, West Africa where people live naturally in community and extended families.  I learned that the extreme ìhyper-independenceî in my American culture is really a kind of sickness, a pathologyÖan unhealthy way of being.


Is It Ever Ok To Play The ‘C Card’?

Written by guest blogger Ronna Benjamin,

“Are you playing the ‘C Card’?” A friend asked me the other day.

I knew exactly what she meant, of course- asking for favors or sympathy based on a cancer diagnosis.  As in, “I’m so sorry officer, I didn’t realize I was going so fast. I must have been distracted by my recent breast cancer diagnosis.” Playing the ‘C Card’ is despicable, of course. I think we would all agree on that. And yet…