Review: Fran Drescher returns to Queens College, discusses consumerism


Flushing - On September 18, Emmy-nominated actress Fran Drescher ("The Nanny") returned to Queens College, where she spoke about consumerism.

This event took place at The Choral Room in the Music Building. Drescher gave the Queens College students insights on how they could detox their homes, and use their consumer power to tell manufacturers about healthy living; moreover, being a cancer survivor, she spoke about her nonprofit organization, Cancer Schmancer. This summer, Drescher celebrated her 17-year wellness anniversary.
In June of 2017, there was a Cancer Schmancer Cabaret Cruise at the Hornblower Infinity in Manhattan, which was an evening of education (on consumerism) and entertainment that featured performances from Broadway stars.
This past May, Queens College honored Ms. Drescher with the coveted "Lifetime Achievement" Award.
To learn more about Cancer Schmancer, check out its official homepage.

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