We can’t ignore it – we need to exercise! But besides helping manage weight, exercise has a lot of positives – from improving your mood and energy levels, to a better night’s sleep. Most importantly, regular physical activity can help prevent some types of chronic diseases.  Speak to your physician to see which exercise plans will work best for you.  It’s time to get up, go out, and get physical!

February 16
Newswise — HOUSTON — When Karen Franklin was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, it was her passion for Zumba® that helped her beat the disease. Franklin’s story, say experts at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, reminds us about exercise’s cancer-fighting benefits.
“Whether you’re undergoing treatment or trying to avoid developing cancer, exercise makes your body...
January 27,
1.     Video Games Yes, that's right. Video games like Dancetown or Wii Fit can burn calories. The Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport found that the average heart rate during a video game session was similar to the heart rate during strength training.  But keep in mind, if you want to burn calories you need to make sure the game involves the entire body, not just the upper body, so you get...
January 19,
Want to wear out your walking shoes as fast as we do? (Dr. Mike goes through a pair every 12 weeks.) Determined to hit the sidewalk (or treadmill) regularly despite rain, sleet, bad hair days and mismatched tube socks? You can. Just lace up your sneaks and bust through these buts:
Excuse: I’ve got a cold.
Bust it: Walk to avoid sniffles and sneezes.
Every step you take mobilizes immune-...
January 4,
If you are among the millions of people who vowed to start the new year by getting in shape so you can look and feel great, there’s even more good news why you should amp up your exercise plan and stick with it.
Consistent exercise is associated with a lower risk of dying from colon cancer, according to a new study led by researchers at Siteman Cancer Center at Washington University School of...
December 16
For many, the holidays equal shopping, quality time with family and gorging on cookies, cakes and holiday feasts. While the hustle and bustle of the season may tempt you to take a hiatus from healthy eating and exercise, you can stay fit through the holidays by incorporating exercise into your favorite seasonal activities.
Set Realistic Fitness Goals
The holidays tend to be busy, and it might...